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Started and trained Lab puppies for sale

We have trained dogs for sale!

            Looking for Labrador puppies for sale in California that are fully trained? Top Dog Retrievers has the pups for you! Each of these puppies that we have for sale are some of our best puppies! Our puppies have been exposed to trails, other dogs, and have passed basic obedience training. They are fully trained, and all you need to do is provide them with a loving home.

            Contact us to learn more about these puppies, and how they can be in your forever home!

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Meet Crook, Crook is a pup we kept from our last Newt and Roxy litter this born 3/5/2014. Crook has completed our "No Puppy Left Behind" program and is ready for graduation. Like Roxy, he is very docile, gentle and loving, like Newt he is out going and loves to play and retrieve. He would be perfect for a family companion or a easy going gun dog.




Emmy is 6 month old back female. Pretty little Emmy is a laid back lap dog. She is super sweet and mellow, never far from your side. She has her moms good looks with a classic English build, blocky head, thick chest and short otter tail.  She has completed he basic obedience and great with kids and adults. If your looking for a family companion who is easy to manage Emmy would be a great addition to your family.



Meet Little Betty, She is a pup we kept from our last Phoenix and Lance litter. She will have completed our "No Puppy Left Behind" program next week and is ready for graduation. Like Phoenix, she is very docile, gentle and loving. She would be perfect for a novice to dog training or for a person/family that prefers to train with little force in a more gentle manner. She loves to retrieve, play or just snuggle.




Clifford is one of the Boys we kept from our Roxy and Newt breeding. He is 6 months old will likely mature to 65lbs. He has a beautiful thick coat, pretty feminine face, and nice sturdy bone structure. Clifford has completed our "No Puppy Left Behind" program and is ready for his new home. He has a medium energy level, mellows out nicely in the house and has great focus when training. He is gentle and kind just like his mom. Very nice little guy in our opinion!




Rooster- Rooster is a high powered, driven, hunting machine. Rooster turned 2 yrs old 11/3/13. He is very obedient, extremely talented and handsome to boot. Rooster has completed OB, CC, FF, pile work, runs land triples, water doubles, sits to whistle, started casting and runs pattern blinds. Rooster would be a great dog for the serious hunter that appreciates a dog that can really perform, perfect for someone looking for a competition dog and would make a fabulous addition for those looking to take their breeding program to the next level. Very nice pedigree too!


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